The Best
Italian School
of Culinary Arts

Center of Food Art, Science and Technology since 1997

Founded in Brescia, Italy, the CAST Alimenti provides a state-of-the-art culinary and hospitality education to students who are either beginners or experienced catering professionals. Regardless of their background, at our school they will find modern notions, teachings and technologies which merge theory and practice knowledge.

CAST Alimenti is a school where Culinary Excellence is taught and practiced, a core value which is granted by top level faculty members including professionals, Chefs and Masters among the best in the industry.

CAST Alimenti is considered as the School of World Champions, being recognized with the largest number of world awards in the gastronomic disciplines.

It is the ideal place for research and development of Made in Italy, a concept which is in the limelight of its education programmes and practical lessons performed in the classroom.

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