The Italian Experience • 02.07.2024

Three centres of European excellence unite for Mastery in Mediterranean Gastronomy

An academic collaboration between ITS Malta, CAST Alimenti Italy and Institut Lyfe France

Mediterranean cuisine, a veritable treasure trove of gastronomic culture, demands the highest level of professional preparation. To translate its rich heritage into high-quality recipes, three distinguished educational institutions have joined forces to create an unparalleled program called “Advanced Programme in Mediterranean Gastronomy.”

This initiative brings together ITS Institute of Tourism Studies in Malta, CAST Alimenti in Italy and Institut Lyfe in France to host and provide contexts where professionals from around the globe can delve into the most distinctive and cherished elements of Mediterranean cuisine, all during the three-month immersive program. Conducted exclusively in English, the program aims to enhance participants’ gastronomy skills, providing them with a strategic advantage in their culinary careers.

This unique and fascinating project is strictly limited in number, targeting culinary professionals, particularly chefs, with at least two years of documented work experience. Students or alumni from the three institutions are also eligible to participate, benefiting from the synergistic blend of diverse teaching models and cultural insights offered by the schools’ unique locations.

The mastery is structured into three modules and phases, commencing in Spring 2025 in Malta with an initial preparatory and welcome week for participants. Formal training begins with a five-week module at CAST Alimenti in Brescia, Italy, focusing on the country’s renowned cuisine. This module covers the extraordinary repertoire of land and sea offerings from Italy, exploring coastal gastronomy and the rich culinary heritage of various regions.

The second phase takes place at Institut Lyfe, in Lyon, France, where participants will delve into the French interpretation of Mediterranean cuisine. This module draws on French rich culinary traditions and offers endless inspiration for star chefs, emphasizing innovation and refined techniques.

The final module returns to Malta for another five weeks, where the ITS team will highlight the island’s unique gastronomic heritage. This phase integrates the knowledge gained in the previous modules, allowing participants to deepen their understanding of Mediterranean cuisine within the context of Malta’s rich culinary traditions.

Upon completing this professional program, participants will undertake a paid seven-month internship in Malta’s restaurant and hospitality establishments. This invaluable experience allows participants to engage directly with Malta’s dynamic culinary and hospitality market, which continually seeks qualified professionals.

For more information and Sunny Menon International Business Developer & Academic Advisor at CAST Alimenti