About us

“Our Centre is the cutting edge of research, professionalism, technology, and art in all culinary disciplines. We are the cornerstone of the whole food sector, offering professional skills through rigour and passion.”

Vittorio Santoro
Founder and CEO

Founded in Brescia, Italy in 1997 the CAST Alimenti – Center of Food Art, Science and Technology is one of the best Italian training and specialization schools, providing a state-of-the-art culinary and hospitality education to students who are either beginners or experienced catering professionals. Regardless of their background, at our school they will find modern notions, teachings and technologies which merge theory and practice knowledge.

CAST Alimenti, is the pioneer school in Italy to grant Advanced Level Education and Short-Term Specialization courses combining innovation and tradition through its Diplomas and Certificates and creating career opportunity in all the Arts of Taste i.e. Cuisine Or Pastry Chef, Restaurant And Hotel Pastry Chef, Bakery Master, Ice Cream Master, Fresh Pasta Maker, Chocolatier, Pizza Chef and Barman, inside its laboratory-style classrooms equipped with cutting-edge tools and innovative technology. It combines innovation and creativity with tradition through its Certificates and Diploms.

It is a school where Culinary Excellence is taught and practiced, a core value which is granted by top level faculty members including professionals, Chefs and Masters among the best in the industry. CAST Alimenti is considered as the School of World Champions, being recognized with the largest number of world awards in the gastronomic disciplines. It is the ideal place for research and development of Made in Italy, a concept which is in the limelight of its education programmes and practical lessons performed in the classroom.

For these and for many other reasons, CAST Alimenti represents a privileged channel for the students to access the Hospitality industry.

Mr. Vittorio Santoro is the Operational Director, founder and President of the school whereas the Team is further honored with the Co-founder, honorary President and Master of masters Chef Iginio Massari.

Vittorio Santoro
Founder and CEO of the School
Master Iginio Massari
Founder and Honorary President

Advanced Professional Programs

Young aspiring students who approach the professional world and those ones eager to embark on a new career finds at CAST Alimenti several comprehensive offers of medium to extensive training professional programmes, competent to turn them into contemporary professionals – thoroughly skilled with technical, creative, organizational and business management abilities.

In order for the students to gain maximum experience of hands-on learning, the programmes also include tailor-made internships at renowned Restaurants, Pastry boutiques, Bakery labs and Hotels in Italy.

Professional Programs

CAST Alimenti offers specializing short-term programmes dedicated to all those professionals who want to advance in their current occupation or to update themselves and ignite new ideas and formats of catering, as well as being always proactive and maintain excellence in their own segment.

Our mission

We are committed to preserving and passing on the mastery and appreciation of the Culinary Arts by giving them professional dignity and fostering constant educational quality. We do that by focusing on values such as:

  • Knowledge and substance
  • Innovation and excellence
  • Passion and discipline
  • Experience and opportunities
  • Specialization

CAST Alimenti is the ideal training environment for world champions, having been awarded so far with 21 world championship accolades. Significant evidence of our focus on innovation in techniques and production.

years of experience in gastronomic education
square meters dedicated to training and hospitality
World Titles won by either teams or individual professionals trained at CAST Alimenti
The companies affiliated to the CAST Alimenti network of partners
Internship facilities
Lab classorooms equipped with both single and multiple workstations for individual and group activities
Floors for in-house hospitality

Certifications and Awards

CAST Alimenti is:

  • Recognised by the Ministry of Education, University and Research
  • Recognised by the Region of Lombardy
  • Certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality System certification
  • Authorized to issue Educational Credits to the members of the Lombardy Technological Food Association (OTAL)