Accoglienza CAST

In-house services

For those students attending Advanced Professional Programs, CAST Alimenti grants a series of services to make the training days and the school attendance even more comfortable.

Self Service drink dispensers

In the restaurant zone, one will find the automatic cold drink dispensers of still and sparkling mineral water, soft drinks, and juices. The students have free access to this service and can fill the Made in CAST flask, a complimentary gadget for the new students or use glasses in polypropylene stacked near the dispensers. This service is always available, during lunch and dinner, at breaks, or in any moment of the day.

There are as well hot drink dispensers of coffee, cappuccino, milk, and chocolate, available to students as a complimentary amenity.

The same dispensers are also located on the 5th floor of the Green Tower as an exclusive facility for the students staying in the guestrooms.

Distributori automatici di bevande per i corsisti di CAST

Italian Gastronomy Bookshelf

In front of the cafeteria there is a library area where students can consult the books by the great CAST Masters and Teachers. Furtherly, they can get insights into different culinary topics as additional tools to enrich their training and discussion during casual moments.

Some books can be purchased at the school Reception and complimentary copies of prestigious sector magazines are available at the reception.

Servizio libreria CAST

Partner Companies Corner

A large stand next to the Reception area offers catalogues and company profiles of the Partner firms of the school: students can access them to learn about the story of the companies that are daily committed alongside CAST, and to deepen the knowledge of the equipment and products used in the laboratory classrooms.

Cataloghi e Company profile delle aziende Partner CAST Alimenti