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advanced professional program in italian pastry arts

From 02.09.2024 To 20.12.2024
Practical • 16 weeks in the classroom +
16 weeks +
16 weeks of internship
From 02.09.2024 To 20.12.2024
Practical • 16 weeks in the classroom +
16 weeks +
16 weeks of internship

The profession of pastry: experience, passion and modernization

The employment market increasingly calls for a return to professions linked to craftsmanship, artisans and creativity, and certainly this is an area where pastry chefs are able to assert themselves in a profession that allows us to express these characteristics at the highest level.

Joining CAST Alimenti Advanced Professional Program in Italian Pastry Arts means relying on those with experience of over 20 years and over 30,000 hours of practical training, which has enabled hundreds of young people to qualify for jobs in the pastry arts sector.


  • 16 weeks in the classroom
  • 16 weeks + 16 weeks of internship in two Italian companies
  • 4 days of final exams

Language: Italian*

Teaching method: Practical

Attendance: lessons are held full time in a time slot between 8.00 and 18.00. Entrance and exit times may vary depending on the weekly educational program

The Advanced Professional Program in Italian Pastry Arts has been designed using a teaching methodology of maximum effectiveness, with excellent results in terms of knowledge, all achieved in a short amount of time. Importance is placed on manual skills and professional techniques, essential and indispensable requirements when looking to enter roles of employment.

This takes place within our pastry school equipped with the most state-of-the-art equipment and technologies and thanks to the continuous support in the classroom of masters and teachers of the highest profile. The personalized internships in selected structures are an important component of the course: the internship pays particular attention to the students and their personal professional attitudes through a careful tutoring service.

*Although the programme is conducted exclusively in Italian, the innovative use of the CAST translation tool, powered by AI technology (Artificial Intelligence), renders language barriers virtually non-existent during the classes

  • Understand in depth raw materials, basic doughs, and their behavior in processing
  • Manage your work autonomously, effectively, and efficiently, thanks to the many hours of practice
  • Know the most advanced equipment, techniques and technologies and their correct use
  • Making a wide range of classic and modern pastry products, baked, stuffed and savoury
  • Experimenting with different work simulations in the laboratory and management of the pastry production activity

  • The history of pastry and the evolution of the professional figure of the pastry chef
  • The organization of a pastry shop: spaces, machinery, equipment, tools and professional clothing
  • Raw materials and basic doughs
  • Elements of sensory analysis, selection criteria of quality raw materials and semi-finished products
  • The products of classic and international Italian pastry: desserts, mignon pastries, classic and international cakes, baked, filled and assembled
  • Leavening and leavened products, from those for breakfast to great classic
  • Chocolate and confectionery products
  • Cold preparations, parfaits and artisan gelato in pastry
  • Savory pastry and quick lunch in a pastry shop
  • Bread in the pastry shop
  • The decoration in confectionery and the aesthetic presentation of commercial products
  • Management simulations of the pastry production shop: preparations, storage, finishing and presentation for sale
  • Safety in the workplace and health and hygiene aspects of the profession

The internships are a valuable experience aimed at enhancing manual skills and acquiring professional role skills. They allow you to test yourself in a real organizational and production context, also learning about the dynamics and business rules as well as creating an opportunity to enter the job market.

Duration: 16 weeks + 16 weeks

Where: throughout the Italian country, in companies selected by CAST from among the most qualified structures in Italy.

During the internship period, hospitality is at the discretion of the host company.


The Educational Office of CAST Alimenti is responsible for keeping contacts, drafting the Agreement, and opening the Individualized Training Project, constantly monitoring the progress of the experience through the figure of the tutors. A constant coaching service that allows you to identify the most suitable host structure based on the aspirations, attitudes, needs and progress of the student’s path: a scrupulous process that guarantees the continuation of the training experience.

The service can be activated on compliance with the requirements of the contractual clauses (see contractual clauses at the time of registration).

  • Faculty of excellence: the best professionals on the Italian and international scene
  • Technologically advanced classrooms / laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies
  • Continuous practiceknowledge and concreteness: from theory to immediate practice through individual and group work
  • Classes with limited numbers to ensure an excellent teacher-student relationship
  • Personalized internships in selected structures of excellence where you can consolidate the skills acquired during the training course
  • Immediate inclusion into the world of work thanks to a solid network of contacts with the world of work and the Job Placement service reserved for those who attend school. The Job Placement service is available on the MyCAST web app accessible to those who attend a CAST course
  • For international training and exchange projects
Professional Advanced Diploma in Italian Pastry Arts

Anyone who wants to learn or perfect the craft of the profession in pastry arts, acquire manual skills and understand the organizational and management aspects of a laboratory and the business industry. Previous pastry experience is not essential.

  • Must be at least 18 years of age;
  • Must include personal resume with past experience and history;
  • Must have good communication skills in English language;
  • Must be highly motivated to start a career in the food & beverage industry;
  • Eager to learn another foreign language and adapt to the Italian lifestyle.
  • Certificate of skills acquired EQF (European Qualifications Framework)
  • Attendance certificate (5 stars to the most deserving)
  • HACCP certificate
  • Certificate of safety in the workplace


€ 15.900,00 + VAT 22%

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€ 7.450,00 + VAT 22%

The registration fee includes:

  • Participation in all practical activities including, theoretical lessons, demonstrations, didactic exercises, handouts and cookbooks;
  • Kit of personal professional utensils;
  • Three professional jackets, a pair of trousers, an apron and a shoulder bag with the CAST Alimenti brand;
  • Breakfast, lunch and coffee break during the course period;
  • Reserved access to MyCAST, the CAST Web App containing the student’s profile, his own personal virtual educational kit, the Job Placement section and much other material to support the training and professional path of CAST customers;
  • CAST Alimenti Staff’s support all along the Course;
  • Certificates
  • Reception services, tutoring and VISA release documentation.

The registration fee does not include:

  • Accommodation and evening meals during the course period
  • Accommodation and food during the internship period
  • Air fares, travel insurance, pocket money;
  • Accommodation and evening meals during the course period, accommodation and meals during the internship;
  • VAT Italian tax (+22%);
  • Tutoring outside lesson time;
  • Transfers from / to the airport of arrival / departure;
  • Daily transfers from / to CAST Alimenti.

Registrations are limited. After evaluating the requirements, to finalize the registration it is necessary:

  • register on the website
  • fill in the online registration form
  • pay the deposit indicated by credit card or bank transfer.

Upon reaching the minimum number of subscribers, the Course activation will be notified.

For further information, contact the CAST on 030.2350076, or send an email to

Contact us to receive more information or to organize an individual and personalized visit to the school.