The Italian Experience • 25.03.2024

The Michelin Guide 2024-star allocation event in Brescia

Amidst the glitz and anticipation of the Michelin Guide 2024-star allocation event in Brescia, the students of CAST found themselves living out a dream with eyes wide open: envisioning their own future gracing the stage of the culinary world’s most illustrious constellation.

Under the enduring partnership inked back in 2021 between the Franciacorta Consortium and Michelin, this year’s unveiling unfolded amidst the vine-laden hills of the world-renowned wine territory, marking yet another chapter in the storied alliance.

This collaboration not only underscores the entrepreneurial spirit of Franciacorta’s vintners but also mirrors a similar accord found across the border in Champagne, France. The pursuit of excellence knows no bounds, even within the realms of viticulture!

A Legacy of Excellence: The Michelin Guide

Originating in France in the dawn of the 20th century, the Michelin Guide has since expanded its reach, now spanning 37 countries. Its Italian debut in 1956 laid the groundwork for anonymous inspectors to meticulously evaluate culinary mastery against stringent criteria, from ingredient quality to chef personality. The coveted stars bestowed upon high-caliber establishments serve as beacons for discerning gastronomes, with three stars signifying an exceptional journey of taste. Notably, the recent addition of the Green Star underscores a growing commitment to sustainability within the culinary sphere.

A Night of Prestige and Recognition 

On November 14th, the Teatro Grande in Brescia played host to the unveiling of Italy’s culinary stars, attracting widespread attention from media titans across print, broadcast, and digital platforms.

The allure of Michelin stars remains undimmed, particularly for those attaining the revered “three-star” status or making debut appearances. Yet, it’s the collective presence of Italy’s culinary luminaries that truly sets the event apart, a congregation of talent rarely rivaled.

The 2024 edition of the Michelin Guide Italy adds to the constellation with 395 starred restaurants, including 5 new two-star venues and 26 debutants graced with a solitary star. Additionally, 13 establishments shine brightly with the Green Star, signifying their commitment to eco-conscious gastronomy.

Lombardy maintains its culinary supremacy, boasting 60 starred restaurants, including three with three stars and six with two stars, alongside 51 one-star establishments, welcoming five fresh additions to the fold.

CAST Students Witness Culinary Inspiration

During this celestial panorama, the presence of CAST students adds a poignant note. Enrolled in various gastronomic disciplines, they embody the future of Italian cuisine and pastry arts. Their inclusion, courtesy of the Franciacorta Consortium and Michelin, underscores the educational and inspirational impact of such encounters. The enthusiastic feedback from these budding talents speaks volumes, echoing the shared aspiration of reaching for the stars.

A Dream Realized: CAST Alumna Earns Michelin Recognition

Noteworthy amidst this stellar ascent is the recognition bestowed upon pastry chefs, a testament to their growing influence in haute cuisine. For Clara Astegiano, a shining example of talent nurtured at CAST, the journey from student to Michelin-starred pastry chef culminates in a well-deserved accolade. Her dedication and passion serve as a guiding light for aspiring chefs, reaffirming that dreams, when fuelled by perseverance and creativity, can indeed materialize into reality.

Clara’s journey epitomizes the fusion of ambition and skill, inspiring a new generation to tread the path of culinary excellence. As she graciously accepts her star, Clara’s words resonate with a universal truth: “that amidst the trials and triumphs, it is the unwavering commitment to one’s craft that propels them towards greatness.”

Her story serves as a beacon of hope and determination, illuminating the path for those who dare to dream beyond the stars.