The Italian Experience • 08.04.2024

The “Italian Gastronomy” project starts with a training exchange with three foreign schools

Italian Gastronomy” is the educational proposal that CAST Alimenti has developed for foreign students. The aim is to involve more and more young chefs from various nations in the knowledge and practice of the distinctive elements of Italian cuisine. Through a skillful combination of theoretical, demonstrative, and practical activities, participation in the training activities allows students to “immerse” themselves in Italian gastronomy. The course is part of CAST’s constant and qualified commitment to promoting the values of Made in Italy, based on the appreciation that the entire world shows for Italian food and the Italian lifestyle in general.

“Exploring Italian and Mediterranean culinary excellence: this is the objective of the three international educational partnerships within the broader Italian Gastronomy project that CAST Alimenti recently launched with three foreign institutes from Croatia, Switzerland, and Canada.” This is how Sunny Menon, Head of the International Business Development office at CAST, describes these three experiences.

“These three case studies clearly illustrate the meanings and purposes of this borderless educational project. Both in terms of the students’ backgrounds and the teaching method we have applied, we aimed to make it genuinely international, thus allowing students to master the key skills required when approaching Italian and Mediterranean gastronomic culture.”

Let’s briefly summarize the types and contents of the three “educational partnerships“:

  1. An especially significant institutional experience, as a hospitality and tourism school from Croatia participated in a professional growth project funded by Europe. For two weeks, Croatian students immersed themselves in the rich mosaic of Italian culinary and pastry arts through an engaging program hosted at CAST Alimenti. Thanks to practical workshops, interactive sessions, and the guidance of authoritative professionals, the group of students absorbed the essence of Italian gastronomy. This cultural exchange not only improved their cooking skills but also fostered intercultural understanding, as students experienced firsthand the rich nuances of Italian cuisine and its deeply rooted territorial traditions. The immersive learning environment at CAST Alimenti allowed participants to grasp not only the technical aspects but also the cultural significance inherent in each dish.
  2. CAST Alimenti enthusiastically announces another milestone in its international commitment, which will take place in April 2024. The partner school Fanshawe from Canada is ready to embark on a discovery journey into Italian cuisine thanks to CAST. Over the course of a week, this engaging experience will offer Canadian guests the unique opportunity to explore Italian gastronomy in its breadth and territorial diversity: a cultural exchange that transcends borders, embodying the essence of educational partnerships, namely fostering mutual learning and appreciation of diverse culinary heritages. CAST Alimenti continues to act as a bridge, nurturing a global community passionate about the art and science of gastronomy, demonstrating the transformative power of the universal language of food.
  3. The collaboration with HTMi in Switzerland represents a strategic alliance that enables participants to navigate the multifaceted landscape of the hospitality industry. The objective is to offer former CAST students a pathway to advance in their careers, acquiring a set of skills that encompasses both culinary excellence and managerial know-how. At HTMi, participants find promising opportunities to further their education, focusing on refining their management skills, essential to complement their practical experience gained at CAST Alimenti. This shift towards a more management-focused post-diploma curriculum allows graduates to seamlessly integrate their practical skills with administrative and leadership competencies, crucial in the contemporary job market scenario.