Testimonials • 07.05.2021

Chef Prasenjit Chowdhury, 24 years old, from India with a deep passion for Italian gastronomy


A dream come true, when I got selected to join the CAST Alimenti and I truly believe to be the perfect place for me to hone my skills and learn about tradition and gain ample knowledge to get me the starting line into the world of food from where I can use their teaching to create my own path, thus playing the role of Ambassadors of the CAST and the Italian cuisine heritage.


Chef Prasenjit Chowdhury, 24 years old, from India with a deep passion for Italian gastronomy. Prasenjit is currently attending the Professional Advanced Diploma in Italian Pastry Arts for Hotel & Restaurant Service, 1st edition 2021, from February to May, to be followed by the dual internship under top Chef’s in Italy.

1. Why choose CAST Alimenti for the professional education in culinary?

The teaching at CAST Alimenti is more than just traditional culinary education, it is based on theory and science and developing knowledge behind how cooking works and about all the different factors that go into it. All lessons are taught practically and thorough attention is given to make sure the student understands the core reason behind the lessons.

2. Why is Italy the best place to learn about food and develop knowledge in culture based cooking?

Italian food is considered as chic and most renowned Mediterranean cuisine with its long traditional culture. This was kept alive thanks to Italian people who appreciate their food and wine with big pride. There is so much to learn about food here in Italy and the learning factors are endless as it varies from Region to Region so one can never stop exploring the natural gastronomy of Italy.

3. What are the requirements to attend CAST Alimenti?

To join the CAST Alimenti one must have an existing Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in Hotel management or had minimum 2 years experience in the kitchen and must have completed up to A2 level of proficiency or above in the Italian language  obviously a huge passion to learn about culinary plus the Italian lifestyle.

4. How is the student life at CAST Alimenti?

Life at CAST Alimenti is very different from other culinary institutes; the instructors take great care in teaching, allowing to experiment and are eager in coaching an always up-to-date training method. The batch is mixed with the Italian students and Masters are here to train you, correct you and to pass on “the knowledge” and know-how, engaging themselves with passion and strong empathy. The CAST METHOD is very much focused on innovation and technique involved preparing us for the demanding professional world.

5. What are the accommodation options available?

The management at CAST Aliment helps you when you join CAST to look for suitable accommodations according to your needs and budget. You have the option to stay at the School in one of their well furnished rooms with all facilities or opt to rent a shared apartment closer to the campus which they will support to find.

6. What are the alternatives available for a work education/ stagiaire?

For your intensive internship, depending on your selected course of study, you get the option to work in the North, Central or South of Italy for four months and to go for another internship for another four months after the completion of your course. Through their network of partnerships CAST Alimenti can assist you in finding a suitable high end restaurant or establishment to work and gain experience at.

7. What are the opportunities available after finishing an education at CAST Alimenti?

CAST Alimenti since 1997, have developed a large network of alumni and partnership with many restaurant and hotel chains, and a student passing out from the CAST Aliment has wider opportunities to work anywhere in the world and forge a successful career ahead of them.  Keeping in mind mastering the language is equally important.

8. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years after the qualification from the CAST Alimenti?

In the next five years, I see myself at the helm of my own restaurant aiming for the top of the food world. I plan to gain as much experience as possible in the next 3 years after qualifying from CAST Alimenti, gaining experience and skills in various top restaurants in Europe before starting my own venture, where surely I will take the best of professional support from the CAST Impresa.

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