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advanced professional program in italian gastronomy

Date to be defined
Practical • 16 weeks in the classroom +
16 weeks +
16 weeks of internship
Date to be defined
Practical • 16 weeks in the classroom +
16 weeks +
16 weeks of internship

CAST has been promoting the concept of Made in Italy for years, driven by the appreciation that the entire world shows for the Italian Lifestyle and for the Italian food above all. For this reason, CAST has been pursuing a constant refinement of its teaching method in order to make it International program, hence enabling the new professionals of the gastronomic world to master the skills demanded by the contemporary global market.

A professional programme delivered in the English language for those who wish to learn the distinctive features of the Italian food and Mediterranean traditions.

An intensive course that sees a balance between theoretical, demonstrative, and practical activities, aimed at teaching the main techniques and recipes characterizing the Italian gastronomy – Made in Italy.


The Advanced Professional Program in Italian Gastronomy is designed for 12 months, and it is structured as:

  • 16 weeks in the classroom (in-house phase)
  • 16 weeks + 16 weeks of internship in two Italian companies
  • 3 days of final exams

Language: English

Teaching method: Practical

Attendance: lessons are held full time in a time slot between 8.00 and 18.00. Entrance and exit times may vary depending on the weekly educational program

During the residential phase at CAST, the student will be provided an extended educational culinary programme that offer international students a characteristically Italian “Food experience” in: Cucina (Culinary) – Pasticceria (Pastry) – Panificio (Bakery) – Pasta – Pizza – Gelato (Ice cream) realized through intensive classroom activities, hands-on learning workshops, as well as the direct awareness of the country and its Regions where the industry produce the excellence of gastronomic Made in Italy.

In addition, to support the programme on the Italian Lifestyle for the foreign students there will be the opportunity to learn the Italian language.

The weekly module of 2 hours will be designed for the beginners (speaking & listening skill) allowing the students to prepare for the internship experience in Italy.

  • Comprehend and enhance the themes of Made in Italy: scaling up of the DOP and IGP products, traditional recipes, food and wine
  • Understanding how to use products and raw materials to properly cook a wide variety of traditional dishes of the Italian cuisine, preparatory to inclusion in an international culinary context
  • Understand in depth the raw materials, the basic doughs and their behaviour during the processing
  • Learn and work with the most advanced equipment’s, techniques and technologies and their correct usage
  • Create the traditional pastry products – classic and modern, bakery, stuffed and savoury
  • Learn the art of baking – the different types of dough, leavening and baking
  • Rolling out, baking and stuffing the pizza dough
  • Produce the real Italian artisan gelato in a wide variety of flavours

  • Commodity classification of food: vegetables, cereals, meat, fish, etc.
  • Preliminary processing of the food with adequate preservation and storage
  • Practical realization of a wide variety of the modern Italian cuisine dishes
  • Bakery products for the restaurants
  • The course integrates sensory and consumer science analysis techniques and the pairing of food, beer, wine and oil
  • Working method applied in the kitchen as daily practice – individual, in pairs and as brigade
  • The history of Italian pastry and the evolution of the pastry chef as a professional figure
  • Raw materials and the basic doughs
  • Pastry products, classic cakes, baked cakes, stuffed and assembled
  • Raw materials for the baking: characteristics and utilization
  • Technique and practical production of basic dough for breads and pizzas and their transformation
  • Methods in the preparation of a dough-direct and indirect method, a pre-dough called mother dough or poolish or sourdough
  • Production of pizza in pan
  • Classification of ice cream and the various specialties of Italian gelateria
  • Raw materials in the ice cream: The balance of granitas, sorbets and ice cream mixtures, basic mathematical principles

The internships are a valuable experience aimed at enhancing manual skills and acquiring professional role skills. They allow you to test yourself in a real organizational and production context, also learning about the dynamics and business rules as well as creating an opportunity to enter the job market.

Duration: 16 weeks + 16 weeks

Where: throughout the Italian country, in companies selected by CAST from among the most qualified structures in Italy.

During the internship period, hospitality is at the discretion of the host company.


The Educational Office of CAST Alimenti is responsible for keeping contacts, drafting the Agreement, and opening the Individualized Training Project, constantly monitoring the progress of the experience through the figure of the tutors. A constant coaching service that allows you to identify the most suitable host structure based on the aspirations, attitudes, needs and progress of the student’s path: a scrupulous process that guarantees the continuation of the training experience.

The service can be activated on compliance with the requirements of the contractual clauses (see contractual clauses at the time of registration).

  • Faculty of excellence: the best professionals on the Italian and international scene
  • Technologically advanced classrooms / laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies
  • Continuous practice, knowledge and concreteness: from theory to immediate practice through individual and group work
  • Classes with limited numbers to ensure an excellent teacher-student relationship
  • Personalized internships in selected structures of excellence where you can consolidate the skills acquired during the training course
  • Immediate inclusion into the world of work thanks to a solid network of contacts with the world of work and the Job Placement service reserved for those who attend school. The Job Placement service is available on the MyCAST web app accessible to those who attend a CAST course
  • For international training and exchange projects

Young aspiring students who approach the professional culinary world and those ones eager to embark on a new career find at CAST, extensive training professional programs, able to turn them into contemporary professionals – thoroughly skilled with technical, creative, organizational and business management abilities. In order for the students to gain maximum experience of hands-on learning, the programs also include tailor-made internship at renowned Restaurants, Pastry boutiques, Bakery labs and Hotels in Italy.

Number of participants per edition: closed number

The course is in English. So, for attending it, a minimum knowledge of English language is required (A2 or B1 level).

  • Must be at least 18 years of age;
  • Must have good communication skills in English language;
  • Must be highly motivated to start a career in the food production;
  • Eager to learn another foreign language and adapt to the Italian lifestyle.
  • Attendance certificate (5 stars to the most deserving)
  • HACCP certificate
  • Certificate of safety in the workplace


€ 16.900,00 + VAT 22%

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€ 7.950,00 + VAT 22%

The registration fee includes:

  • Participation in all practical activities including, theoretical lessons, demonstrations, didactic exercises, handouts and cookbooks
  • Kit of personal professional utensils
  • Three professional jackets, a pair of trousers, an apron and a shoulder bag with the CAST Alimenti brand
  • Breakfast, lunch and coffee break during the course period
  • Reserved access to MyCAST, the CAST Web App containing the student’s profile, his own personal virtual educational kit, the Job Placement section and much other material to support the training and professional path of CAST customers
  • CAST Alimenti Staff’s support all along the Course
  • Certificates
  • Reception services, tutoring and VISA release documentation

The registration fee does not include:

  • Accommodation and evening meals during the course period
  • Accommodation and food during the internship period
  • Air fares, travel insurance, pocket money
  • Accommodation and evening meals during the course period, accommodation and meals during the internship
  • VAT Italian tax (+22%)
  • Tutoring outside lesson time
  • Transfers from / to the airport of arrival / departure
  • Daily transfers from / to CAST Alimenti

Registrations are limited. After evaluating the requirements, to finalize the registration it is necessary:

  • register on the website
  • fill in the online registration form
  • pay the deposit indicated by credit card or bank transfer.

Upon reaching the minimum number of subscribers, the Course activation will be notified.

For further information, contact the CAST on 030.2350076, or send an email to

  • Contact us to receive more information or to organize an individual and personalized visit to the school
  • International Pathway the exclusive project reserved for students of Advanced Professional Program, that allows them to carry out Master’s activities within high-level structures abroad, with the concrete possibility of job placement