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CAST International Pathway

CAST has been promoting the concept of Made in Italy for years, driven by the appreciation that the entire world shows for the Italian Lifestyle and for the Italian food above all. For this reason, CAST has been pursuing a constant refinement of its teaching method in order to make it International, hence enabling the new professionals of the gastronomic world to master the skills demanded by the contemporary global market.

The “CAST International Pathway” is an exclusive project designed by the CAST that lays a track connecting its graduated students to top level academic institutes plus company’s in abroad, aimed to expand furthermore their knowledge in the chosen professional field by attending Master-style courses of higher education or career advancement.

This prestigious opportunity is reserved to those students who already hold a CAST graduation in Advanced Professional Program in Italian Culinary Arts or Advanced Professional Program in Italian Pastry Arts.

CAST mission is to provide Chefs and Pastry Chefs with a comprehensive academic offer focusing on the exchange of knowledge and experience with an International background thus forging the new Global Italian Culinary Ambassadors, enhancing the Italian food-style in the professional market worldwide.

The project features the esteemed collaboration with leading International institutions such as:

Key Academic Collaboration:

Partnerships with renowned institution like HTMi – Hotel and Tourism Management Institute, Sorenberg, Switzerland.

Access to HTMi Bachelor Bsc in International Culinary Arts:

  • Through this collaboration, students gain exclusive access to HTMi’s Bachelor, BSc in International Culinary Arts Business.
  • Accreditation: The CAST diploma courses have been accredited with academic credits equivalent to the initial 24 months (2 years) of the HTMi Bachelor’s program.
  • Direct Entry into Third Year: As a result, CAST students meeting eligibility criteria can directly enrol in the third and final year of the Bachelor’s program. This comprises 6 months of academic study followed by a practical internship in Switzerland spanning 5/6 months, with remuneration.


British Council: for a comprehensive learning experience by Enhancing English Language Skills.

  • British Council Support: Offers linguistic online support to CAST students enrolled in the Professional Advanced Level Diploma courses.
  • Alignment and Global Recognition: British Council courses align with the Common European Framework of Languages, ensuring standardized levels and Certificates issued by British Council are globally recognized, enhancing students’ language proficiency with widely accepted credentials.

This support from the British Council not only assists CAST students in improving their English proficiency but also provides them with globally recognized certifications, reinforcing their linguistic skills for broader career prospects.


Key Career Collaboration:

LPM Restaurant & Bar Worldwide offers an exceptional job prospect for CAST students seeking valuable international experience in the esteemed fine dining global chain.

  • Professional Role: CAST graduates are eligible for the role of Culinary Management Trainee, entailing an intensive 18-month Management Training program.
  • Application Process: Entry into this opportunity requires a preliminary interview with the LPM HR team and is contingent upon available job vacancies.
  • Comprehensive Package: Successful candidates can anticipate a comprehensive package that includes salary, accommodation, medical insurance, as well as round-trip flights—a holistic support system for a rewarding international stint.

This opportunity not only presents a chance for hands-on experience but also underscores the commitment of both LPM – Restaurant & Bar and CAST in nurturing the next generation of culinary leaders on a global scale.


Sorrentino’s Restaurant Group (SRG), Italian Restaurants in Canada: Joining SRG presents an unparalleled opportunity for CAST aspiring culinary professionals to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of Italian cuisine. As part of the kitchen brigade, individuals have the chance to not only contribute actively to the culinary artistry but also foster their professional growth within the esteemed SRG Restaurants.

  • Full-Time Job Opportunity: Contribution to culinary artistry and professional growth within SRG
  • Career Advancement and Professional Growth: Encouragement for evolution and excellence within roles. Hands-on experience, mentorship, and skill elevation within SRG’s kitchen brigade
  • Eligibility Criteria: Holding a CAST Advanced Diploma Level plus proficiency in English at levels A2/B1 or equivalent
  • Location and Setting: Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Sorrentino’s Restaurant Group offers a gateway to a rewarding career in the culinary world. An opportunity to embrace the chance to be part of a dynamic team crafting exquisite Italian cuisine and contributing to Edmonton’s Italian culinary legacy.


Gordon Charles, Recruitment Company: Exclusive Career Opportunity for CAST Alimenti Students with Gordon Charles, a distinguished recruitment company renowned for innovative staff services in the Hotel industry.

  • Partnership grants CAST Alimenti students access to diverse, international career opportunities.
  • Prestigious Hotel and Restaurant Engagements: Selected students join Food Production departments in globally acclaimed Hotels or Restaurants.
  • Collaboration provides students unparalleled career placements and professional support into international culinary roles.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Holding a CAST Advanced Diploma Level plus proficiency in English at levels A2/B1 or equivalent.

Gordon Charles aims to propel students toward an illustrious international culinary career path.


RMC Asia: A Career Journey for CAST Alimenti Students, an opportunity for cultural exchange across Asia and the Middle East via RMC Asia.

  • Gateway for post-diploma students into the paid Management Training Asia Program.
  • Career Development and Cultural Immersion: Focus on cultivating managerial skills and career advancement with emphasis on enhancing operational service skills for future managerial roles.
  • Destinations and Experiences: Program spans diverse locations- Thailand, UAE, Maldives, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. Offers unique professional and cultural experiences within the hospitality industry.

RMC Asia Services specialization in facilitating Cultural Exchange Programs from Bangkok, Thailand. Meticulous planning and execution of internship projects in diverse Asian hospitality settings.


Hosco: Elevate Your Hospitality Career with Hosco, a Global Hospitality Platform for CAST Alimenti Students.

  • Discover Your Dream Career Across 80+ Countries: Hosco, a specialized job search platform in the hospitality segment, invites CAST Alimenti students post-diploma to explore diverse job opportunities.
  • Access full-time, part-time, or seasonal hospitality roles globally, finding your ideal job in your dream location.
  • Unleash Your Potential and Grow with Hosco Learning: Hosco offers more than job search; it’s a gateway to boosting skills and expanding your hospitality career through Hosco Learning.
  • Global Networking and Community Engagement: Join a vibrant global community of hospitality professionals, leveraging Hosco for networking, collaboration, and learning from industry peers.

Hosco isn’t just a job search platform; it’s a gateway to unparalleled opportunities, continuous learning, and a global network shaping the future of hospitality. Join it on a journey to elevate your hospitality career.



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