Testimonials • 23.07.2020

The project “From CAST to…” introduce us to some of the CAST Alimenti ex-alumni, who are today the Ambassadors of Italian Cuisine in the World

Gianluca Alberti, Chef de Partie de pâtisserie at the 2-star Michelin Restaurant in Copenhagen

It is a matter of fact that our school has been consistently promoting numerous projects to enhance the Made in Italy in the world. Not only, even though its ex-alumni are as well on the move too!

Once completed their studies, they take off: gradually they grow professionally and achieve success. Many of them move far away, although they hold CAST Alimenti in their heart forever.

This is the motive why so many ex-alumni have joined the project “From CAST to…”: an initiative featuring those young professionals who have been trained in different Culinary Arts by CAST Alimenti and who have nowadays been working at prestigious facilities established in the furthest corners of the world, thus playing the role of Ambassadors of the CAST and the Italian cuisine heritage.

CAST Alimenti asked them to involve themselves in this project as they so well represent the value of being Italian when it comes to food-related professions. They will offer their true testimonial in a short video on the training at CAST Alimenti followed by their current professional experience, shot in a location identified as the place where they work, and then to be broadcasted on the CAST Alimenti social channels.

Here we go with the first video, shot in Copenhagen, Denmark and featuring Chef Gianluca Alberti, 27 years old, from Rome. Gianluca successfully attended the Professional Advanced Diploma in Italian Pastry Arts, 2nd edition 2019, from March to June, followed by the internship under Chef Maestro Massari.

He is currently Chef de Partie de pâtisserie in the 2-star Michelin restaurant Jordnær in Copenhagen and he feels grateful to CAST Alimenti for this great achievement.

Watch the video subtitled in English