Testimonials • 26.04.2019

Th Bir Kumar Singha: from India to CAST Alimenti!

Waiting to attend the Advanced Professional Diploma in Italian Culinary Arts in CAST Alimenti

The appointment is for September 2019 when the first Indian student will participate in the 12-month Professional Advanced Diploma in Italian Culinary Arts with a double internship in Italy.

We want to share with you the motivation letter he sent us:

I Th Bir Kumar Singha  desire to pursue my career in culinary world. I am fortunate to have a family supporting me with my ideas, given me best education; taught to lead a rightful life. This has helped me to grow into a focused and sincere human being.  I have grown to understand culinary  industry as one of the diversified industries with various opportunities.

My  cousin brother works with the Ritz-Carlton, Colorado as a chef and has been servicing in this industry for around 6 years. He has made a very successful life through limited education & opportunities. His success has set a mark in my life of never losing hope. Unlike for me I have best of guidance, resources, and facilities to plan my decision. Indeed, India is a developing nation and one of the fastest growing economies, it has got good educational institutes also but all I realize is that in order to exceed and stand apart in crowd one needs to have high level of education, multi cultural knowledge, foreign language proficiency, specialized skills and understanding of authentic food preparation. It definitely makes a sense to choose the right step to follow a successful career path.

Hence my parents support me for to study abroad. I looked for various options available and chose Italysince it consider as Larousse Gastronomique as ‘the mother of all European Latin cuisines’. With its roots in Greek, Roman and Arab cultures. CAST ALIMENTI  being located in the Italy will provide me with true international exposure through world renowned education, practical trainings, internships and diverse cultural of people visiting every year.  CAST ALIMENTI offers an excellent teacher-student relationship, workstations, master classes with starred Chefs and/or protagonists of international cuisine.

I am sure the above qualification will help me to make a successful career in culinary industry.


Thanking you,

Th Bir Kumar Singha