Luca Antonucci

During his studies at the Professional Hospitality Institute of Assisi, where he graduated, Luca Antonucci understand that his professional destiny would be in the world of catering, and then he specializes in Chef of arte bianca.

He began his experience in this field, working with great effort, both in his brother’s restaurant, and also in a traditional pizzeria in the center of Perugia, and from the beginning his main passion is the study of alternative flour, of the ancient grains and the various methods of bread-making.

To the passion for his work, is added the desire to transmit his knowledge: so there is the desire to transmit his knowledge: so that from 2013 onwards the experience gained leads him to be a teacher of “Arte Bianca” in Professional Training Schools and Academies, for example at the “Università dei Sapori” in Perugia, in the professional courses of the “Gambero Rosso Academy” in Rome, at the Chef Academy in Terni and “CNOSFAP Don Bosco” in Umbria.

Well known face also in television, with the format of 2016 “Margherita e le sue Sorelle” of the channel Sky Gambero Rosso.

Since 2019, the authority reached allows him to join the faculty of CAST Alimenti, where he is currently a trainer in Advanced Diploma courses for pizza maker, bakery, cook.

Creating is my passion! You have to love what you do! I can’t wait to knead... to create. I’m proud to work with fun and pleasure.