Testimonials • 26.06.2019

Sarveypalli Sai Sharan Kumar: in September his adventure in CAST Alimenti!

Waiting to attend the Advanced Professional Diploma in Italian Culinary Arts in CAST Alimenti

The appointment is for September 2019 when the second Indian student will participate in the 12-month Professional Advanced Diploma in Italian Culinary Arts with a double internship in Italy.

We want to share with you the motivation letter he sent us:

The food industry has evolved over time and contributes at multiple levels in our lifestyle. From getting to know about the different ingredients, to the concepts of serving food in a professional manner. Food is not only something that is just related to taste and health, but it also encompasses all the five senses. And Cooking is a mix of skill and art that one as a chef has to understand, and only through taut practice and the desire to learn about food can make a chef excel in his work.

I come from a surrounding where my learnings in early childhood were regulated to focus into Engineering, which would eventually help me take over my family business. I have pursued a lot of extracurricular activities in my life from a young age including cooking. Many waned away except for cooking which stuck with me since 11. Something which started as a mere interest is now a passion for me. With the moral and financial support of my parents, I decided to join a hospitality college in spite having less knowledge about the industry. Time spent in cooking has given me confidence, and has taught me many basic skills that are essential to be a chef.

During my undergraduate, working in the kitchen helped me a lot to understand about different cooking techniques, it also helped me to understand how responsibilities and tasks can be shared and executed together as a team. With a year of internship in restaurants and hotels, I learned the discipline of conducting in kitchen, communication with fellow chefs, the importance of each ingredient and other principles that are followed by the professional chef. Under their tutelage, I learned new facets of cooking and life as a budding chef.

I am in search of the next step that would fuel my passion and enhance my learnings to the next level. With CAST Alimenti being one of the reputed culinary institutes in Italy, they provide an appropriate course covering all the key aspects of Italian cuisine and culture that helps a learning chef/cook to improve his skills. I felt approaching CAST Alimenti would be a move in that direction. I am willing to go that extra mile to achieve the objectives during my time learning with CAST Alimenti. Having an opportunity to improve my knowledge under their guidance would certainly enrich my learnings

My strength is my diligent approach to tasks on hand, understanding the requirement of the team, complement with my fellow team members and learning all aspects of culinary by performing well in my tasks. I believe the key is to have an open mind towards cuisine that helps a chef to learn new things.


Thank you for your time and consideration.

Hope to meet you soon.


S. Sai Sharan