Testimonials • 02.10.2020

Prasenjit Chowdhury: in 2021 his welcome in Italy!

Waiting to attend Professional Advanced Diploma in Italian Pastry Arts for Hotel&Restaurant Service

The appointment is for February 2021 when the first Indian student will participate in the Professional Advanced Diploma in Italian Pastry Arts for Hotel & Restaurant Service.

We want to share with you the motivation letter he sent us:

The world of food is constantly changing and has evolved dramatically over the past century with new innovations and trends in the way people savour food, but one must remember still that it all begins with tradition and a chef must spend ample time to understand tradition to further develop ones knowledge of all things related to food.

Tradition, Technique and knowledge are the pillars on which the world of food stands and a chef must respect the old traditions while innovating new techniques with their acquired knowledge to further the development of the food culture.

I come from humble beginnings but my journey in the world of food didn’t start from the childhood, in fact I don’t come from a family that gives much thought to food they eat and I was breed from a very young age like many children from the Indian society to be a engineer or a doctor and to be honest quite rigorously in a way that almost destroyed me, but under certain circumstances I was able to get back up and find cooking as my driving point. For me cooking is not passion, it’s the love for living and enjoying every moment and that is what I aspire to project in the food I make, for people to savour every moment with every bite they take. I believe in food to be free of discrimination, steeped in tradition and not shackled by the whims of society rather full of unbounded creativity.

Cooking is a science of human senses and body but also an art form of expression and my search to understand these two aspects of cooking led me to CAST Alimenti due to their love for tradition but at the same time pursuing new innovations while keeping true to their roots. I believe CAST Alimenti to be the perfect place for me to hone my skills and learn about tradition and gain ample knowledge to get me the starting line into the world of food from where I can use their teachings to create my own path.

My motivation is always followed with hard work and meticulous work procedures, understanding the requirements of the task and always supporting my team members. For me the perfect dish is the embodiment of the values and wishes towards food of the chef who prepares it, that’s originality and the true skill of a chef.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Hope to meet everyone at CAST Alimenti soon.


Prasenjit Chowdhury