Roberto Fusaro


Roberto Fusaro, Venetian, entered the business in 1972 and boasts many experiences in the field, from the Hilton Hotel to the Hotel Cipriani, from Ciga Hotels to the Dorchester Hotel. In 1996, after HRD seminars with Anthony Robbins, he decided to deepen his knowledge of organic/biodynamic/fair trade in all its aspects (vegetarian and vegan included). In the last few years, he began to develop projects in the bio-catering area, then to travel to the green accommodation facilities, creating menus with organic/biodynamic/fair trade / km0 products. Specifically, during Expo2015, he develops the project “BioPower in green receptive structures” by collaborating with EcoWorldHotel srl. He collaborates with FederBio providing “Green Hospitality” and “Organic F & B” training courses. Since May 2014, he has been working with the Klima Hotel Milano Fiere as Organic F & B Manager, following the project “BioPower in Green Accommodation”, in addition to the reorganization of “green meeting areas”.