Piergiorgio Giorilli


Son of art, Piergiorgio Giorilli began his professional career in the family’s workshop and then accomplished several experiences abroad. In 1986, he was awarded Cavaliere and in 2007, Commendatore della Repubblica (decorated for his distinct service to food industry by the President of the Republic). After winning second place at the Solo World Championship in 1994, he has been training national teams and got two important defeats, in Nantes, France in 1995, and in Bulle, Switzerland in 2002. Author and co-author of prominent books on bread, he founded the Richemont-Club Italy, for which he has been honorary chairman since 1996; he had also been Chairman of the Richemont-Club International. Well known and appreciated internationally for his many years of experience, thanks to which he earned several awards, he goes from bread to leavened products suggesting innovative proposals in both the sweet and the savoury; he is Cast Alimenti’s professor of reference for the baking art.

Everything comes from passion.