Ciro Fraddanno

Pastry Chef, Gelato Maker

Son of art, Ciro Fraddanno was professionally born and grew up in the family’s ice cream shop. After school, he delved into the patisserie and at a very young age arrived at CAST Alimenti, first as an internship trainee and then as teacher, directly experiencing the joys of this art. He trained with the world champions Beduschi and Biasetto, this experience forming him deeply and permanently. Not yet fulfilled, he then decided to cross the Alps to Paris at the two Michelin star restaurant “Helenne Darroze”, to London at Harrods department store and at the historical charming Hotel Claridge’s. His passion for ice cream persisting, he also carried out searches within the various fields of gastronomy, discovering vast food combinations and applications.

If we are what we eat but we do not know what we are eating, who are we then?