The CAST courses fees are EXCLUSIVE of VAT and are inclusive of practical training, all the teaching materials/ingredients, coffee breaks and lunch in the school restaurant during the hours of the lessons (note the details in the specific course).

The payment transaction of the deposit and the balance can be done:

  1. By credit card through the website
  2. By bank transfer payable to “CAST Alimenti srl” on the following banks:
    Banca Sella IBAN IT02V0326811200052485509730– BIC (for transfers from abroad): SELBIT2BXXX
    BCC Agrobresciano IBAN IT58X0857511205000000240042 – SWIFT (for transfers from abroad): ICRAITRRFZ0

(Important: make sure to indicate in the reason for payment – the name of the participant and the title of the course)

To attend the CAST course, it is mandatory to have paid the full fee in advance before the arrival.

Advanced Professional Programs

In addition to the payment of the deposit at the time of enrollment, the balance must be paid according to the cut-off date defined in the payment plan provided by the Admission Office.
The registration fee of each individual course, and whatever it comprises, is available within the specific course sheet.


  • The courses will be activated through communication by the Admission Office upon reaching the minimum number of participants, as defined by CAST Alimenti.
  • For practical courses it is mandatory to wear the professional uniform: chef jacket, work trousers, safety shoes, apron and hat.
  • For demo courses it is mandatory to wear a professional jacket, long trousers and non-slipping shoes suitable for the laboratory.
  • The time for courses, lunch and coffee breaks are regulated by CAST Alimenti, and are subject to variation based on the program and the teachers requirements, and will be promptly notified to the participants.

Please note enrollment in the course implies acceptance of the following contract clauses