Luca Montersino

Pastry Chef

Montersino, pastry chef and researcher of healthy cuisine and confectionery, is a consultant for well-known confectionary companies and food manager. Although quite young, Luca Montersino has a wide professional experience. He is often on television (“Sins of Throat”, “Ready Steady Cook”); at his bakery and laboratory in Alba, Italy (Gourmet of Health), he holds his own shop within Eataly – the largest wine and food center in the world – in Turin, Italy (Luca Montersino X Eataly), and another in Tokyo. He now lives in Alba, Italy, the city he madly felt in love with and therefore decided to move into. In August 2010, he opened his pastry and ice cream shop within Eataly in New York, along Fifth Avenue at the intersection with Broadway. In 2012, he opened another POS at the largest Eataly shop in the world, in Rome, a real amusement park for gourmets.

Confectionaries are not enemies of our health, but the lack of attention to the quality of the ingredients and nutritional value, and to calories absorbed