I have a great passion for the sector of F&B, and I’m constantly looking for new adventures and opportunities, to learn and improve more, but ‘m also ready to use my knowledge and experience as a consultant for entrepreneurs and companies in the Ho.re.ca”

With a degree in medicine and surgery, specialist in psychiatry, homeopathy and nutritional therapy, an exponent of the International Academy of Clinical Nutrition, Dr Silvio Spinelli has been involved for years in the development of projects regarding the healthy cuisine, as well as author of books and articles on the theme.

At the same time with the hospital work, he continued to study of nutrition and homeopathy, applying these therapeutic methods to the clinic practice.

Its commitment has always been devoted to the dissemination of a diet based on knowledge of the different properties of food and the definition of the cuisine as a useful component to achieve a state of well-being based on the type of treatment to which the alimony.

In its recent professional past it has helped to create in Puglia, its region of origin, the "House of Mediterranean health", and in collaboration with an important family of entrepreneurs from Bergamo participated with his knowledge at the opening of a series of restaurants with the brand “Àmati!” A name that defines well the field of action chosen, namely therapeutic nutrition that uses foods as if they were medicines.

For years he has been collaborating with the Executive Chef of Cucina of CAST Alimenti, Angelo Biscotti, for the realization of a series of innovative projects such as the app "Dr. Chef, assapora la salute" that aims to be the reference point of food culture and nutritional excellence, spreading the culture of well-being, therapy, and prevention cuisine without giving up taste and tradition.

Since 2021 Dr. Spinelli will be a support in a series of specialization courses in CAST Alimenti, providing its authoritative expertise in nutrition and health.