"Aimo Moroni taught me that to be complete you have to deal with salty cooking".

Pastry chef of the highest level, famous for his graphic hand and his ability to create complex sweets that at every bite reveal a new soul and amaze the taste, Galileo Reposo is currently at the head of the pastry brigade of Peck, historic temple of Milanese gastronomy.

After graduating from the hotel school, he took over the role of pastry commissioner in some small pastry shops in the capital of Lombardia, until he arrived as pastry chef at the 1 Michelin star Joia restaurant in Milan under the guidance of Pietro Leemann.

In his curriculum he boasts prestigious experiences with renowned chefs refining his technique as Pastry Chef in restaurants such as: Il Luogo fi Aimo e Nadia, Hotel de Paris, La Trattoria Toscana of Alain Ducasse, Il Marchesino of Gualtiero Marchesi, Hotel Park Hyatt Milano and Asola sartorial cuisine.


A line of pastry that simplified to the maximum. Few ingredients enhanced by the contrast of tastes, textures, and temperature changes. Sweet very far from certain techniques «that point to beauty but do not remain impressed in the memory».

He is a member of the Collettivo Pass 121, a collective of Italian sweet cuisine where a group of passionate professionals has joined their forces and experiences to give identity to their role, with a careful eye to the kitchen to perfect even more the pastry.

Since 2019 Galileo Reposo joined the faculty of CAST Alimenti in the course, inaugurated in the same year, of Advanced diploma for restaurant pastry chef. And today also as teacher in the Specialization courses for professional.