“I give life to food with my yeasts. When food is alive and good, life is better. And we become happier. The mouth is nice to use both to eat and to smile”.

Patience, precision and poetry are the watchwords that guides Massimiliano Prete, leavening specialist, whose innovative dough, good and digestible, the result o constant research and development, are the real flagship of his culinary proposal and the peculiarity that difference his “contemporary pizza” from all other gourmet pizza.

His professional career began very early, at the age of 15, when he left his homeland, Puglia, for Asti, where he worked for years in a typical Neapolitan pizzeria and then in Saluzzo as a pizza chef and pastry chef.

The passion, experience and skills acquired, allow him to successfully open numerous activities in various cities of Italy, and teach the art of leavened dough in different training realities including CAST Food.

He espouses the thesis of researchers who define the "sixth taste" as the sensitivity of the mouth to the flavour of carbohydrates, in practice the one that makes us feel a great love for pizza, bread and all wheat-based dough.

The great attention to the selection of raw materials for the fillings and continuous experimentation to create always original combinations, is what transforms an excellent pizza into a gastronomic pizza.

Chef Prete is inserted in the contemporary revolution of pizza, intended as perfect meeting between innovation and tradition, in which it’s possible to combine authentic flavors, high quality raw materials, the precision of pastry and combinations of tastes from haute cuisine.