Young and talented chef, Andrei Micle during his studies at catering school, knows his mentor, Chef and teacher of CAST Alimenti Nicola Michieletto, of which he became assistant in occasion of different consultancies for leader groups in the sector of hotel equipment: his love for advanced cooking techniques and technologies was born.

He maturated experiences in different types of restoration, from the classic one to the collective, healthy, vegetarian and vegan, to the realities of gastronomy and butchery, deepening fundamental notions on cuts and cooking of meat.

In 2012 worked in Treviso first and then in Venice, where he deepens the world of restauration for the big numbers, becoming the leader in occasion of events of great prestige and international importance, such as the Venice Film Festival, and the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014.

It is at this point in his career that he comes into contact with the world of CAST Alimenti as a laboratory assistant, where he learns and refines his knowledge and culinary techniques by following and supporting the different chefs of the teaching staff within their courses.

His experience in CAST will reach its peak with the victory of the European Chef Award in 2016 in Barcelona, coached by chef Angelo Biscotti, Executive of the school.
Currently Andrei works as a consultant chef for several companies in the food sector and for restaurants of various sizes, combining the knowledge of tools and technologies to that of raw materials, thus renewing the tradition but without betraying it.

He is part of the faculty of CAST Alimenti in the courses for Advanced Diploma for pasta maker, pizza maker and for coffee maker/barman, in addition to holding a series of specialization courses in person.