"The ideas are not enough: they need a technological outfit and a new mentality"

Since the beginning of his career, the chef has been confronted with small activities until he arrives in the world of great collective catering, the one with big numbers: a world that deeply fascinates him and in which he reads new needs, that lead him to study and specialize in the technical and technological part of cooking.

Constantly searching for new experiences, he arrived in 1991 at the Palatini Terme in Salzano where, in synergy with a medical team discovers and enhances the therapeutic value of nutrition as an element for the prevention and treatment of numerous diseases.

The knowledge acquired during these years stimulated him to develop balanced, attractive and appealing gastronomic solutions, dedicated to a lot of different needs with always great attention to the health aspect of food.

The activities that involve him are many: from responsible for catering in hotel chains and the design of formats and start-up of commercial restaurants, collective and hotel consultants in the production of food production and distribution industries, and for research and development of catering equipment.

He obtains great results in the field of healthy cuisine and pastry both in the domestic and professional, without ever giving up the taste and naturalness of the ingredients, a fundamental element for him.

He is also author of numerous publications on the theme of food and health, among those, the manual “Gluten free” first volume in Italy with the certification and the review of Aic (Italian Association Celiac disease).

He has always strongly believed in the value of training, by engaging in teaching schools and private institutions.
Nicola Michieletto is a teacher in Advanced Diploma courses for cooks and Advanced Diploma for pastaio gastronomo, as well as specialization and refresher courses for professionals.