"The ideas are not enough: they need a technological outfit and a new mentality. Food service is increasingly specialized and guided by precise insights, which create infinite variables over the classic or Mediterranean model."

Graduated at the Istituto Alberghiero at Castelfranco Veneto, Italy in 1984 and Restaurant Consultant at Istituto Alberghiero in Jesolo, Italy in 2001, he has been performing in the healthy food cuisine since 1988. Constantly searching new challenges, in 1991 Nicola Michieletto joined the Palatini Thermal Institute in Venice, Italy where he and its medical staff concluded that food is not only a nutriment but the main therapeutic key to prevent and heal a great number of diseases. The knowledge acquired encouraged him to develop new well balanced gastronomic solutions, actually appealing, attractive, and voted the most diverse customer needs. By reason of the importance legitimately given to healthy nutrition and traditional cuisine, he makes his knowledge and heritage available to the public by teaching in public and private schools, as well as in national Institutes and government agencies. Head of the catering at some important chains; format and startup designer for popular, collective and hotel restaurants; consultant at some key industries for food production and distribution, and for the research and development of catering equipment, he also wrote numerous publications on the subject of healthy food. Among these, the guidebook Gluten Free, first book in Italy to have the AIC (Italian Celiac Association) certification and review, was also awarded by the Museum Prize. Nicola Michieletto is one of the teachers of advanced training courses for chefs at CAST Alimenti and is in charge of the School for Business together with Master Gabriele Bozio.