"At the heart of everything I put the passion for raw materials and the desire to always get the best product."

A life change of gratification and goals achieved that of the master ice cream maker Alberto Massensini.

Thanks to a degree obtained in Industrial Designer, he often finds himself designing commercial activities, even in the field of ice cream: and it is precisely on occasions like these that fate strikes a spark and curiosity towards the profession.

So, he decides to live a summer experience in an ice cream shop, a very positive experience that strengthens his conviction to the point of deciding to transform this passion for the world of ice cream in his profession: and in order to be better trained, enrol in the High Training course for ice cream parlors of CAST Alimenti.

Only a few times after finishing his training, in the spring of 2009 he inaugurated in Brescia, his hometown, the ice cream shop Ribera now recognized among the best in the city. As he himself says, without the training in CAST Alimenti it would have been very difficult to overcome this challenge and be able to keep up with the historic ice cream shops, rooted in the territory for over twenty years.

A great satisfaction, both for him and for the school, that of joining his faculty: first for evening courses, and then as a teacher for the course of Advanced Diploma for ice-cream maker, also discovering the passion for teaching and the satisfaction that derives from the transmission of the knowledge learned in the classroom and in the field, to those who want to take their first steps in this sector.