"Food is not to be just good, but it must be quite a sight, stylish and captivating"

Iginio Massari is considered a worldwide star in the Italian pastry business. Author of numerous books, his Pasticceria Veneto in Brescia was the first Italian pastry shop joining the prestigious chain Relais Desserts International. It was coach and president of the Italian team that won the World Cup of Pastry in Lyon, France in 1997 and has recently been training David Comaschi in CAST Alimenti, the first Italian winning the World Chocolate Masters in Paris in 2013. Founder of the Italian Association of Pastry Chefs and co-founder of CAST Alimenti, Iginio Massari combines his undisputed technical background to his exceptional teaching skills. Proclaimed pastry chef of the year in 1999 and 2000, he participated in popular television shows like MasterChef, but the only tests he recognize as authentic are those in which he evaluates professionals who want to be admitted in the Academy of Italian Pastry Chefs, as well as young people willing to enter higher education courses at CAST Alimenti.