"With my cuisine, I try to return the excitement I feel, and to emphasize what nature and its rhythms so generously give us."

His career of chef began as a child: he moved his first steps in the kitchen next to his mother: an housewife and excellent cook, deeply linked to the traditions inherited from their Abruzzo origins: involves Beppe in the preparations making him discover through the game, a world of perfumes and flavours, details and attentions.

After graduation he joined the French brigade of Charlie Mercier first and then the Café de Paris in London. Back in Italy, he began a period of teaching at a high level and in the meantime continues to improve by attending internships with Gualtiero Marchesi, Enrico Delfinger, Enrico Cerea, Enzo Boschi.

Chef and owner for more than 25 years of the restaurant Carlo Magno in Brescia, Beppe Maffioli makes the respect of the ingredients its stylistic signature, Able to modernize and evolve constantly thanks to the experience within its solid and renowned restaurant, daily in contact with a prepared and demanding clientele, and always in search of excellent raw materials, enhancing their territory and origin.

His cuisine draws heavily from tradition, meant as a memory and experience, for a sincere and authentic approach that aims to extract the essence of what nature offers with its rhythms from season to season, taking the best of it and the best of it without ever exaggerating in the manipulation.

Each flavour and perfume became a personal and internalized memories, according to that truth never denied, that the emotions that are difficult to forget, are those who came from food.  

The research to an excellence technique, aims at the highest pleasure of tasting, thru the choice of healthy and balanced preparations, with the innovation translated in creativity and research of the best that a world and a market constantly in update can offer.

He is the winner of two gold medals and various special mentions in competitions and national and international events. Guest of RAI3 on several occasions, to talk about cuisine and local products, author of publications and books.

Historical teacher in CAST Alimenti, he is trainer of Advanced Diploma course for chef, and also of Specialization courses for professionals.