"With my cuisine, I try to return the excitement I feel, and to emphasize what nature and its rhythms so generously give us."

Born in Brescia, Italy, after graduating he joined the French Master Chef Charlie Mercier at the Café de Paris in London. Once back to Italy, he began teaching at high level courses while still improving his knowledge attending a internship with Gualtiero Marchesi, Enrico Delfinger, Enrico Cerea, and Enzo Boschi. He won two gold medals and other special mentions at different contests and at national and international events. Chef of the restaurant "Carlo Magno" in Brescia, Italy and professor at CAST Alimenti, he shows utmost respect for raw ingredients, avoiding too much mixing and manipulating, therefore preventing the risk of poor digestibility of food. His cuisine liberally portrays the tradition, revealing a genuine and regional high quality character. Several times host of the national TV channel RaiTre to debate and inform about cooking and local products, he is one of the teachers for advanced chefs training courses at CAST Alimenti.