Young Chef from Sardinia, after a few years in the kitchen of Cagliari, he decided to take flight. After years of study, sacrifices and training courses held by the most famous masters, he began to cultivate his professional experience abroad, working between London and Beijing.

For four years he has been chef of the Armani Hotel in Dubai.

He is teacher in CAST Alimenti for the Specialization courses dedicated both to Italian professionals and also for those who came from abroad for the courses of Culinary Arts.

He collaborates with the Study and Tuition Office in CAST Alimenti for the Road Show programs, dedicated to Italian Culinary Arts that the school organize in selected college in India, USA, Canada and Dubai, designing the contents and realizing the training sessions and cooking shows dedicated to students and teachers of the individual destinations.

He has a deep knowledge of the Italian traditional cuisine, of the Asian cuisine, Indian and from Middle East and of the culinary cultures.

He has a deep knowledge of Italian regional cuisine, Asian, Indian, Middle East and culinary cultures of the reference territories, which he interprets and proposes in an innovative way and in the form of cultural contamination.

Over the years, he has also specialized in business consulting with a particular focus to catering setup procedures, control of multi-outlet with large volumes, budgeting, and food cost management, banqueting and external catering.