“Professionalism is a steep staircase that must be climbed with great humility, perseverance and awareness. A staircase that never stops to climb."

Pastry chef and chocolatier of great talent, according to Stefano Laghi pastry is an ordered patchwork of techniques and balancing, rational and inventive production, chemistry and creativity, commitment, research and entrepreneurship, sacrifice, conviction, and growth: all characteristics that are found in his rich personal and professional baggage that has allowed him to achieve a preparation to 360 º.

After the hotel school he throws himself headlong into the profession and in national and international competitions, to name a few in 1992 he wins gold, silver and bronze at the Frankfurt Olympics and won the gold medal and honorary award from the jury in 1993 at the World Championships in Basel, in Luxembourg in 1994 he won the gold medal as a pastry chef of the Italian National Chefs Team.

The desire to grow and to research makes him over the years an entrepreneur, for others thru successful collaborations with important companies, for himself launching his own brand “Stefano Laghi Pastry Creator” thru which collaborates as a consultant for Italian and international confectionery industries, in order to propose a pastry shop that is not just excellent from the point of view of the taste, but also concretely practicable in a rational production, able to reduce times and costs in the laboratory.

He dedicates to the activity of training already since 1991, firm supporter that the professionalism starts from the basis, from the knowledge of ingredients and techniques to be masters of a subjects, that can’t be left to chance and that necessities of study and experience: being a teacher and transmit the knowledge is a grateful but also hard work, is to take responsibility for those who listen to you and those who believe in your knowledge.

He doesn’t like to be called Master, but trainer because training professionals in this sector is the spring that moves his way, always in search of the ideal ways to explain the art of pastry.

He is the author of many books and publications in the sector, also with the precise objective and will to transmit his knowledge.

In CAST Alimenti, since many years is teacher in the courses of of Advanced Diploma for pastry chef, and Advanced Diploma for chocolatier, as well as for the courses of Specialization dedicated to professionals.