"The raw ingredient is the seed that sprouts in the dish. What I have learned along the way is what I need to combine, play, have fun, and give an emotion with"

Gianluca Fusto, born in Milan in 1975, is one of 15 technical-teachers who represents worldwide the company Valrhona - the most important company for the production of chocolate. After graduation, Gianluca started his career in Paris. Back to Italy, he first spent two years as a pastry chef at the restaurant La Scaletta of Aldo Bellini in Milan and then worked at the Bistro of Gualtiero Marchesi as confectioner for the following six months. Then, together with Aimo e Nadia Moroni, he unveiled the secrets of a cuisine placed out of the schemes and ordinary trends. His training continued in the United States where in 2001 Gianluca worked as a pastry chef at the restaurant Valentino owned by Piero Selvaggio in Las Vegas. He then moved to Switzerland and back to Italy in 2003 to work at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio and at the restaurant Cracco Peck in Milan. In 2008, he started the Gianluca Fusto Consulting for advising and organizing worldwide courses for certified pastry chefs. In 2011, he participated in the World Championship for Junior Pastry Chefs coaching the Italian team at CAST Alimenti, achieving the top position. In 2012, he was admitted at the Academy of Italian Pastry Chefs.