Gian Luca Forino, traveler pastry chef born in '89, thanks to his skills covers a wide range of options, from consultancy aimed at putting new products online, to solving problems in production, passing through the creation of sweet formats, up to training at professional schools and interventions as a speaker for industry events.

Trained in 2009 in CAST Alimenti in Brescia, he worked at Cristalli di Zucchero in Rome for two years, a period in which he obtained the gold medal at the World Junior Pastry Championship.

In 2014 he opened his pastry shop "La Portineria" with which he managed to impose his idea of ​​pastry in the capital, obtaining a huge media success and dozens of awards both on leavened products and on modern pastry. Meanwhile, he obtained certification as a taster from the International Institute of Chocolate and Cacoa Tasting and received silver medal at the International Chocolate Award. In 2019 it sells its business to devote itself entirely to consultancy, training in schools and the research and development of new products.

His strong passion for travel earned him the pseudonym of Traveling Pastry Chef. His strong sense of taste, together with curiosity for everything that surrounds him, has allowed him to create excellent desserts that are based on the obsessive balance in combining unusual ingredients. Much of these recipes are collected in his book "In Viaggio, diario di un pasticciere" published by Chiriotti Editori.