“The ingredients are de basement of the pastry and it’s better to know them well before realizing your dessert”.

Words of Emmanuele Forcone, one of the youngest masters of the “Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani” and only 35 years old already 4 times Italian Pastry Champion and World Pastry Champion on the occasion of the XV "Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie" in Lyon in 2015.

He is from Abruzzo, and for several years he expressed all his creativity in the renowned pastry Pannamore of Vasto, where with flair and professionalism he proposed his tasty creations, including chocolate and modern pastry in which he became Master.

His tendency to perfection has led him, since he was very young, to attend courses in the most renowned schools, participating in Italian and foreign trade fairs and investing his free time in study, in experimentation and research so much so that the important experiences of management and life matured, have made him today International Consultant and Trainer for schools, companies and individuals, always in search of perfection in the ingredients and processes.

Chocolate and artistic sugar are its two great passions, almost a disease as ironically likes to say, where chocolate certainly has more implications on the commercial level, but also the artistic sugar is not less seen the growth and development had in recent times.

A World Champion therefore always in search of perfection in the ingredients and in the workings, with an extreme essentiality in the decorative phase.

He is an established and affectionate lecturer at CAST Alimenti, where for some years he has been teaching in Specialization courses for professionals.

CAST Alimenti the school of the Champions, where Emanuele trained with the Italian team, wit the aim of join the highest step of the podium.