"Art has multiple facets and always starts with a desire: moving a boundary, drawing a new horizon, and speaking in other words."

Lorettas debut takes place in 1999 in Fabio Tacchella's restaurant Antica Pesa. When she was offered to remain in order to replace the pastry manager, what should have been a short stage turned into her first job. After two years she joined CAST Alimenti as a scholarship student: an experience that allowed her to get in touch with the most important aspects of Italian gastronomy. In 2001 Carlo Cracco offered her a chef's place in the pastry shop of his Cracco Peck restaurant (two Michelin stars). Metamorphosis comes in 2003 with a trip to Spain. After having met Albert Adrià in Italy, she took a summer vacation to start a stage at El Bulli of Ferran and Albert Adrià and after two weeks the brothers invited her to stay with them in Roses. What started as a monthly internship made Loretta stop in Costa Brava for three years, winning the esteem of everyone. Here she accomplishes some of the most deflating culinary experiments, understanding that it is possible to overcome the limitations of common knowledge, experimenting, going beyond the normal path, creating something different, overturning the rules of the 'moment' dessert. In 2006, the decision to return to Italy, driven above all by the desire to challenge herself again, moving the blockade of the current catering pastry to bring the change that she herself started in Spain. Among the various proposals, she chose the Enoteca Pinchiorri of Florence. In 2014 she was named the Brand Ambassador of Lavazza and in 2016 she became part of the teaching team of CAST Alimenti.