A talented pastry chef (albeit young), Filippo Falciola has been working in the Baking arts sector for over 10 years, and so after gaining important experience in various laboratories and pastry shops throughout the country, as well as experience on cruise ships, he has arrived at CAST Alimenti, the Italian School of Culinary Arts. Here he has perfected and refined his profession alongside chefs and masters of extensive experience and professionalism, so much so,  that the level of expertise he has acquired, has allowed him to become in a short time,  an instuctor with in the school for the Professional Advanced Diplomas in Pastry Arts and Pastry Arts for Hotel & Restaurant Service, specializing in the themes of puff pastry, leavened dough, foundation doughs and chocolate.

Not only is he an Instructor, but also the Secondary Executive Manager of the school for the management of classroom teaching, events and trade fairs, and of competitions.And for the world of competitions, since 2016 Filippo Falciola has been the technical manager of the Pastry Arena at Sigep.

In addition to this and the pure educational activity of the school, there are also collaborations with numerous companies in the sector both for consultancy work and for research and development of products and processes. As well as the creation of photographic and video services for books and magazines, and catalogs for companies.