Odette Fada, chef from Brescia, has attended various CAST Alimenti specialization courses and now she is an external teacher and consultant for CAST Alimenti. After an initial experience at some of the best Italian restaurants, she spent 25 years in the kitchens of the best restaurants in the United States, where Wine Spectator consecrated her among the best Italian chefs in the USA. The experience of the United States has led her to collaborate with various prominent names in the world of catering between Los Angeles and New York, to organize events for the Oscar ceremonies, Grammy Awards and Hollywood parties. In 1996 she entered Tony May's kitchen and, alongside the team of the prestigious San Domenico of New York, she contributed greatly to bringing Italian cuisine to the Big Apple. After this experience she returned to Italy to manage the CIA Italian Culinary Arts course, The Culinary Institute of America, at Castello di Ugento, in Puglia. Now she is experimenting with a new path as a teacher and consultant for Italian and American restaurateurs who want to open a new restaurant in America but also for large companies that want to promote an Italian product on the US market. Odette Fada's consultancy and training work varies from the design of menus to the pairing of wines or beers with food, from the design of kitchens and spaces to cooking and education lessons to eating well and healthy using the products of the our country. It is a new role for an Italian chef who knows in depth the territories with their typical products, tastes and the American market.