Fabrizio was born in Campobasso in 1976 and lives in Ciampino, Rome. He worked at a pastry shop in Rome for 7 years, after which he started working in numerous workshops around Italy. After far-reaching studies, he discovered the art and passion for pastry, which he has pursued with courses of high education and specialization with some of the most important Italian and foreign Pastry Masters. He works uncompromisingly and with determination to improve his skills and professional knowledge, which to date have given him a lot of respect at the numerous national and international competitions he has attended, including third place at the 10th Coupe du Monde De La Pâtisserie de Lyon 2007 and, in January 2015, he won together with Francesco Boccia and Emmanuele Forcone the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie. Today Fabrizio works in Italy and abroad as a pastry and chocolate consultant.