“In pastry, technique and passion go hand in hand and thanks to the continuous updating. Pastry is a true alchemy, made of elements: flavours, aromas, structures, temperatures, aesthetics, it is up to us to find the right balance between them, to give moments of pure enjoyment through the desserts".

World Champion of Pastry for the XV^ “Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie” in Lione in 2015, with the colleagues Emmanuele Forcone and Alessandro Boccia, where they also receive the special award “Best Innovation for sweets” and the award for the “Best Presentation Buffet”.

He is from Campania, and after the studies in another field, Fabrizio discover the art and passion for pastry, that will never let him go, working in laboratories of pastry all over Italy.

He learns the job both on site and also attending qualify courses of training and Advanced Diploma, in particular in CAST Alimenti, learning and working with some of the most important Italian and international Pastry Master.

Determinate to improve his professional skills and knowledge, over the years he has refined his technique by participating in numerous national and international competitions.

Determined to improve his professional skills and knowledge, over the years he has refined his technique and he started to participate in numerous national and international competitions, which to date have given him very respectable placements, to mention the two most prestigious the third place at the X Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie in Lyon in 2007 up to the highest step that made him World Champion in 2015.

The Academy of Italian Pastry Masters, also thanks to the prizes won and the title of World Champion, gives him the title of Maestro AMPI to Honorem, also awarding him the gold medal for merits acquired.

It can certainly be defined as a pastry chef at 360°, who works with great satisfaction as a consultant both in Italy and abroad convinced that the future of Italian pastry in the world is very positive, always evolving, for the enviable raw materials of our country to which more and more Italian pastry chefs give the right value.