"The charm of discovery is a search without the illusion of a goal"

A successful life changing, the one of Simone De Feo, started from the classes of CAST Alimenti in 2011, attending the course of Advanced Diploma for ice-cream maker: at a certain point in his life in fact he chose to indulge his passions and make them become a profession, awarded today in all the industry guides.

Ice-cream maker, chief of the historical “Cremeria Capolinea” of Reggio Emilia, the curiosity leads him to experiment with new recipes and working methods, constantly looking for his personal idea of natural ice cream, based on the balance between a few selected ingredients, possibly local product and with a short supply chain, made without semi-finished products, synthetic flavours, emulsifiers, refined and hydrogenated vegetable foodstuffs.

Because according to the Master, a good ice-cream is an “essential” ice-cream, made up using a few selected ingredients, without never derogate from the quality of raw materials.

Over the years he has done numerous studies with the aim of exploring the behaviour of the various ingredients used, the gastronomic ice cream and balance, and in his lessons in CAST explains and teaches how to realize this philosophy of ice cream, that does not give up the technology and innovations of a sector in great evolution.

Prepare to manage and organize the work in the laboratory, simplifying it, and provide the necessary bases to start and administer an activity with an eye also on the economic management, is the mission that accompanies him during his courses for professionals.