“More than dreams, I like to talk about goals”

Passionate since he was a child about the world of pastry, Luigi Bruno d’Angelis decides to transform into his job, after meeting the pastry master Leonardo di Carlo, even though his studies had seen him engaged in another field.

But when the passion is so strong, you can do nothing but indulge with dedication and commitment: he starts working in a bakery in Rome, and then attend for a year as a student Ropa CAST Alimenti, where he knows and learns the art from the greatest pastry masters who pass through the classrooms.

He joined the Atelier Luigi Biasetto, in Padova, an important experience through which he finds out a method of work dynamic and relational and learn how to be efficient and highly productive always believing firmly in this job.

At the same time, he continues to train and grow by attending specialization courses, collaborating with Eliseo Tonti, the great master chocolatier internationally known for the preparation of his book, diversifies the experiences by becoming production manager at the Attilio Servi pastry shop in Rome and working alongside the famous chef Gianfranco Vissani.

In 2016, together with his colleague Sara Accoroni, he decided to participate in the Mondial des Arts Sucrés, a challenge of excellence and conviviality, winning for the first time in the name of Italy, the highest step of the podium after long months of training in CAST Alimenti under the guidance of Roberto Rinaldini and Davide Malizia, and with the precious supervision of Iginio Massari.

He joined the faculty of CAST Alimenti teaching both in the courses of Advanced Diploma for Pastry Chef, but also in the courses if Advanced Diploma for Restaurant Pastry Chef, thanks to his role as Executive Pastry Chef in one of the most at one of the most popular hotels in Sardinia, the Cormoran of Villasimius.

From 2019 cures also some of the Specialization Courses of the catalogue “Piatti, non parole” od CAST Alimenti, dedicated to professional, inside the category “Made in CAST”.

Teacher and also consultant, without leaving the side of production, continuing to work in different workshops in Italy and around the world.