“Three adjectives to define my kitchen? Sweet, colourful, particular”

The adventure of the chef Riccardo Cominardi starts from Brescia in 1985, and then move across the ocean, in Los Angeles at the Valentino Restaurant, icon of the Italian food a meeting place for many celebrities and movie stars. And right here, at the age of 19, he was awarded as "youngest chef in Los Angeles". 

He continued his experience in Montecarlo at the hotel de Paris under the guidance of Alain Ducasse and then again in Italy, first at "Il Cavallino" in Desenzano and after at "La casa" in Bedizzole, both awarded with 1 Michelin star, and many others.

His cuisine is made up by the influence of tastes and traditions of different ethnicities, that is able to mix like the colours on a palette, and to realize new nuances of flavours and emotions, inspired by his passion for painting. Colours, consistencies and innovative presentations, care in the choice of the ingredients and a special attention for the balance.

Supporter of an healthy cuisine, after 30 years in the world of catering, he decided to inves his professionality at the service of teaching: he is a teacher, chef at home and for team building, consultant and trainer for kitchen staff.

In CAST Alimenti he presides over a series of specialistic interventions related to the usage of herbs and spices in the kitchen, besides to develop consultancies and training courses also in other locations.

He is also part of the faculty of Advanced Diploma course for chef, and of Specialization courses for professionals.