"Participating in an international competition means getting involved. It is a way to be known, to deal with other professionals and come home with an improved knowledge to be put in use in your own workroom: what you learn to win returns useful even in your every day’s routine"

David Comaschi, born on February 12, 1980, enrolled at CAPAC School of Pastry in Milan at the age of thirteen; a few months later, he experienced his first internship at the Patisserie Martesana in Milan, falling in love with his profession. With Enzo Santoro, like a father to him, he started from the basics, and then moved to the baking division. Within a couple of years, he passed to the decorating department and then to chocolate division. In July 2002, he was partner and manager at a pastry shop in the province of Milan and in April 2007, not being fulfilled by this experience, he decided to return to the Patisserie Martesana as head pastry chef. He made deeper knowledge and laboratory practice by attending various courses at CAST Alimenti in Brescia, learning about sugar subjects, artistic chocolate topics, and about monumental cakes for special occasions and wedding. He has been on the board of the Academy of Italian Master Confectioners since 2010 and in 2011 won the silver medal at the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie in Lyon, France. In October 2013, after several months of training at CAST Alimenti, he won the World Chocolate Masters in Paris, becoming the first Italian to earn this prestigious competition. Since 2014, he teaches in postgraduate courses at the School.