His motto is “We must be eternal apprentices, because the apprentice is the one that looks what ye does every day, with the curiosity of those who never done it before”.

This is the approach with the students, that distinguishes him in his daily work.

Yuri Cestari in fact is teacher in CAST Alimenti during Advanced Diploma for Pastry Chef, Restaurant Pastry Chef and Chocolatier.

In addition, in collaboration with the Didactic Office of the school, he plan and leads the Specialization courses and Master dedicated to the world of chocolate, and also courses of Italian Pastry for foreign students.

If his top subject might be considered the chocolate, his curiosity led him to experiment and deepen in detail different fields in the world of Pastry and Restaurant Pastry.

His approach is technical and scientific at the same time, and his focus is explaining not just “how”, but also “why”.

In his professional panorama, he has collected different experiences with important companies in the field, among which Barry-Callebaut e Robogbo, that allowed him to develop international experiences and competences and skills.

Nowadays he collaborates with important companies in the sector, in order to carry on research and develop projects and training, on national and international territory.

In addition to didactic planning and teaching activities, he also organizes events and cooking shows for the pastry world during trade fairs such as SIGEP, HOST, CIBUS.