"To young professionals who choose to pursue this stimulating job, I first recommend to attend a good vocational school and then to challenge an experience abroad. If you start with the right concentration and enthusiasm and commit, you can achieve the necessary primary knowledge to discover cuisines of other countries, implanting the Italian tradition with new elements"

Enrico Cerea, called Chicco, eldest son of Bruna and Vittorio, fell into the crocks of his family’s kitchen when still a little child... His fervency for cooking let himself succumb to the point that every free moment, starting with school holidays, became an excuse for him to follow, brow, and study the secrets of cuisines from all around the world. Sustained by a never self-indulgent talent, he has acquired a very personal style, mixing the abilities and techniques learned over the years working at the family’s restaurant Da Vittorio (Bergamo, Italy), that has won the third Michelin star in 2010.