“I create everyday using my heart, to learn how to grow, and to continue to surprise you.”

Since 2018, is Master in the Academy Italian Pastry Masters, adding an important milestone to a career full of successes mainly due to the stubbornness, humility and spirit of sacrifice that characterize it.

Son of an artist, his father is a famous pastry master, Sebastiano Caridi begins to become passionate about pastry art when he was young, and it is precisely at this early stage of his life that he begins to work in the family workshop.

After he graduated in hospitality school, he attended as a student Ropa CAST Alimenti, where he gets in touch with some of the most famous and well-known pastry masters, including Luigi Biasetto, Roberto Rinaldini, Iginio Massari, and Leonardo di Carlo: a professional and life school, that will strongly contribute to his formation.

CAST Alimenti is also the school where the Champions are born and you can breathe the air of competitions, and in those years Sebastiano begins to take the way of competitions: from 2005 to 2007 it ranks in excellent positions at the Festival of Dolce Reggino, and also in 2007 won respectively the second and third place at the International Competition "Bartolomeo Scappi" and Eurochocolate in Perugia.

He worked with the Master Stefano Laghi on different projects and initiatives, among which his work as production chief, specializing in his big passion, the chocolate, adding another piece to his professional identity.

A fundamental watershed to take the consciousness of his talent, it has been in 2015, the participation to a RAI talent show “The greatest pastry chef”, conquering the victory with the cake “revelation”, that today has become his battle horse, as a tribute to Calabria.

The mediatic fame, has been the trigger to concretize his first entrepreneur project: In 2016 he opened his pastry shop with a proposal that is suitable all the moments of the day, following the idea of modern pastry, sweet and salty, which represents Sebastiano Caridi today.

Teacher in Specialization courses, dedicated to professionals of the catalogue “Piatti, non parole”, in the category Made in CAST.