“Evolving is my imperative! Starting from professionalism to excellence”.

Chef from, son of an ancient family of crushers and bakers, he began from an early age to get passionate about cooking putting himself to the test with the products of his land.

Important encounter in his growth and professional training, the one with the chef Marchese Pensabene, who sees in the young Salvatore a careful kid, willing and with a strong interest in the trade, in this way he decided to take care of it and passed on the meticulousness of the culinary art, the respect for the raw material and the secrets of the Sicilian tradition.

His career then continued with chef Laguidara first, and then with chef Costantino of the restaurant La Ruota, in which he held the role of sous chef.

Today chef Campo, uses his competences to support the companies in the sector of food & beverage.

With his consultancies, he offers in a thorough and professional way, the guidelines for the training of kitchen and dining staff, for the start-up of new activities and reorganization, relaunch and retraining of those that are already in business, in order to increase the efficiency and profitability of the company. He is also a professor of cooking in Specialization courses for professionals.