"Tradition is a precious fabric to be enriched and adorned with the gems of research and innovation"

Responsible for homemade bakery production, a tradition dating back to the beginning of the nineteenth century, Omar Busi has transformed the activity by making room for pastry, chocolate, and cafeteria. Since 1992 he has been devoting himself to experimenting, researching and deepening, without leaving the reality of his shop. In 2002 he was first at the Trophy Barry Callebaut Italia (Italian Chocolate Championship now Italy Chocolate Master), taking part in the Grand Prix International of the Chocolaterie of Paris (World Chocolate World Chocolate Master). He has collaborated with important industry magazines, has published books with Italian gourmet and has done a great deal of consulting and training at important companies, from Pavoni to Perugina. Since 2016 he joined CAST Alimenti’s faculty.