At age of 12, I started producing ice cream with pride and passion inheriting my grandmother's recipes. My passion for chocolate was born about fifteen years ago during a course on chocolate ice cream. Eye opening. a flurry of passion and sudden love. From that moment i could only pursue my passion.

Paolo Brunelli believes he is influenced by everything around the world of taste. His experience in the field of wine tasting first and then tea, has generated an almost maniacal relationship for the search for taste. The first is Agugliano the second in Senigallia. From June 2009 he is artistic director of the Artisan Gelato Festival of Agugliano (Ancona), a show that usually takes place in the second week of June and has now reached its seventh edition. Each year, they challenge ice cream makers from the national and international scene to create the taste of the year. In 2011, 'Crema Brunelli' got the award 'Gourmet Award 2011'.

In May 2015 he was awarded a high prize for the 'Brunelli Cake', a Crawfish and Hazelnut Cake of Cravanzana at Expo, the Universal Exhibition Fair. In January 2016 came 'Avanguardia Gelato', the first book by Paolo Brunelli written with three other colleagues. A real manual of the modern gelato edited by Italian Gourmet. In March 2016, Paolo Brunelli participated in the Identity Golose (Gelato section), the international high gastronomic conference, holding the lesson on 'Superstitious Tradition, a journey in recognition of the fifth taste and the uproar of colour'.From April 2016 he is taking care of the demonstration lessons for Valrhona Italy throughout the national territory and has written editorial material distributed among the customers of the company.

Numerous collaborations are under way for the approach of chocolate and ice cream with handicraft production from other sectors. The first with Fabi Shoes, a well-known brand in Marche, which involves the spread of cream spreads to high-end footwear; The second with Pantheon fragrances on the occasion of the release of 'Sweet Passion' whose fragrance refers to a chocolate cream prepared by Paolo Brunelli exclusively for the brand. He is currently coordinator at L'Arte del Convivio, a kitchen school and pastry shop linked to Identity Golose, of a series of ice cream courses. From October 2016 he is the Ambassador of Taste in the world.