“The pastry and chocolatey are very complex universes, that cannot be created thanks to a good picture, but with an accurate study of each ingredient”

Even if his family has nothing to do with his current profession, from an early age the dream of Alexandre Bourdeaux was travelling and especially baking: being able to travel thanks to his passion, but to make it happen he had to gain experience.

He graduated at CERIA-IPIAT school at Anderlecht, in pastry, bread-making and chocolatery, then he faced the first working experiences in several workshops in Belgium, in particular by Herman Van Dender, and in Italy at the Four Season in Milan with chef Sergio Mei.

It is precisely with this latest experience that he started realizing also his passion of travelling around the world: it begins with Egypt as the chief of a brigade of twelve pastry chefs in a 5-star hotel in Cairo, and then try as a professional in Japan and the United States.

Back in Belgium, he began his collaboration with the chocolate company Callebaut, to teach and demonstrate both at the academy and outside the company: a great opportunity to transmit the experience gained and its know-how to other professionals in the sector.

He started his adventure as a trainer, that in the following years brought him professionally to different countries in Europe, the Emirates, the United States and Brazil.

In 2014 he collaborates for the opening of the new Chocolate Academy Callebaut in Belgium, for which he is responsible.

In 2016, he created his company Pastry&Chocadvice, whose objective is to give advices, solutions, inspirations, and creativity in the world of chocolate and pastry.

The Master pastry chef and chocolatier Alexandre Bordeaux, in addition to teaching in Specialization Courses of CAST Alimenti, from 2021 he became part of the faculty of Advanced Diploma courses for Chocolatier: a prestigious enter to train, together with the colleagues Stefano Laghi and Yuri Cestari, prepared professionals and expert, giving a contemporary taste to a job with an antique flavour, by joining tradition and innovation