"The Italian gastronomic universe is unique in the world for the variety of raw materials, recipes and traditions. We have a great responsibility to promote and defend this heritage"

Marco Bordoni grew up in the world of catering, following his father in the kitchens and in the artisan workshop since childhood. The passion for cooking and design has become his profession, leading him today to become CEO of the family business.

As an engineer, he has more than 260 projects in restaurants, gastronomies and pastry shops.

The direct study of the most prestigious installations in Europe, visiting hundreds of different formats in various cities to study the type of offer, the service mechanics and the organization of the kitchen, the sales dynamics and the analysis of market trends, have strengthened the experience and the ability to develop a gastronomic exercise in all its complexity: from the dining room to the kitchen, from the shop to the laboratory, from the production center to the stores.

In France he learned from the best designers how to organize a professional kitchen, while in Germany he learned what are the quality standards that must comply with a high-performance and reliable equipment.

He has been working for 20 years with professionals of culinary arts, some of them are famous and starry, others are less known but equally passionate. Side by side to design together functional kitchens, ergonomic and ecological, that exalt the professionalism of the chefs and stimulate the creativity of their collaborators.

He spends a lot of time in construction sites with technicians, since the design of a gastronomic facility is a responsibility that does not end with the delivery of a project and some coordination meetings.

He says of him "I feel responsible towards the Italian culinary world and I am committed to supporting him in his growth process, offering my advice also in the field of marketing and management".